9 Businesses,
Infinite Possibilities
ULMA Agrícola
Intelligent greenhouses
ULMA Agrícola produces and markets all manner of greenhouse structures and covers for livestock or warehouses. It operates in a global market, offering comprehensive solutions aimed mainly at the Agriculture and Livestock sectors. Its structures incorporate the most advanced climate control technology, engineering, and specialist assembly and after sales services. ULMA Agrícola creates custom projects based on individual customer's specific needs.
ULMA Architectural Solutions
Solutions for architecture and engineering
ULMA Architectural Solutions designs, produces and markets innovative industrial prefabricated systems and products for architecture and engineering. ULMA Architectural Solutions is focussed on finding new construction solutions. It develops a wide range of architectural solutions in polymer concrete such as products for Drainage Systems, Facade Systems, Externall Wall Systems and Architectural Precast (Window sills, lintels, etc)
ULMA Construction
Formwork and Scaffolding
for construction sites
ULMA Construction offers complete formwork solutions, climbing formwork, shoring and scaffolding, both for sale and for rental, for residential construction, civil works, non-residential construction and refurbishments. Over 50 years in existence have enabled it to accumulate knowledge and experience. Its extensive know-how enables it to offer its customers the best service. Each project incorporates tremendous value added, providing effective cutting edge solutions.
ULMA Conveyor Components
Rollers, Drums, Festoons
and Supports
ULMA Conveyor Components designs, produces and markets components for bulk transportation such as Rollers, Garlands, Idler and Pulleys aimed mainly at the mining, energy, cement and steel mill sectors.
ULMA Embedded Solutions
Specialised Engineering Services
ULMA Embedded Solutions offers specialised consulting and engineering services in the life cycle of electronic products, from systems engineering and electronic product development services to the development of measurement, test and control systems. In addition, it has developed an innovative end-to-end IoT solution. Its value proposition focuses on providing knowledge and experience in critical sectors such as the railway, health, industrial, energy, aerospace, and the automotive sector.
ULMA Handling Systems
Logistic Innovation &
ULMA Handling Systems provides comprehensive engineering for material handling systems. Its product and service portfolio aims to meet the ongoing needs and requirements of its customers, and seeks to be perceived as an important part of their business activity. It possesses a highly qualified team of professionals, with extensive experience and know-how, and enjoys collaboration with the sector market leader DAIFUKU, thereby guaranteeing the availability of the most advanced technology adapted to each project.
ULMA Maintenance Services
We improve the exceptional
ULMA Maintenance Services specialises in comprehensive merchandise handling solutions employing maintenance machinery. More than 30 years' successful experience have enabled it to focus the organisation on the most demanding customer requirements, providing high levels of quality and professional advice when analysing their needs and productivity increases.
ULMA Packaging
Global Packaging
ULMA Packaging designs and produces packaging equipment and services, for which it posses the most advanced design and production technologies. With the broadest range of machinery and applications on the market, its team of highly qualified professionals work to always offer the best solutions for its customer's needs. ULMA Packaging is committed to innovation, quality and service, and its vocation is to add value to its customer's products.
ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions
Limitless reliability
ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions produces and markets forged accessories for piping and flanges, aimed at the petrol, gas, petrochemical and power generation industry. It is a global leader in the sector in terms of its production capacity and technology. ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions posses mechanical presses up to 8,000 tonnes and important machining lines, and is recognised and approved by leading companies in the sector: EXXON MOBIL, TOTAL, SHELL, CHEVRON, PETROBAS, SAUDI ARAMCO, etc.